Why you should call a professional


We see scenes like this all too frequently, sadly.

You might be tempted to go to your local Hardware store & buy a Deadbolt & fit it yourself. Unfortunately many people go for the cheapest lock they can find there & that ultimately ends up costing much more money than it saves !

All too often we’re called to open jammed doors that have had cheap Deadlocks & door knobs fitted to them & they have broken in a manner not allowing the door to open.

We can fit quality locks for not much more than you can get cheap stuff from the hardware store where you are much more likely to get many years of good working order from your locks. Professional locks, professionally fitted and locks specially made for the Locksmith Industry !

They will be able to be re-keyed if you lose your keys & they will be a much more reliable product that you can buy for not much extra money.

You’ll end up saving money in the long run. Imagine if this happens to you late on Saturday night, how inconvenient & expensive it would be to get back in to your house.

Call us to see what great value for money locks we can offer you to save you money in the end !