Lock changing


If you lose a set of keys , it might be a good idea to have your locks changed (re-keyed) to make sure that if someone finds your keys that they don’t have access to your house.

You might be tempted to automatically go to the hardware shop and buy new locks but this may end up costing more money and potentially the locks you get may not fit or may not even be as good as the locks that you already have at home.

Lock re-keying can be done in most cases for a fraction of the cost of buying new locks. If you have good quality locks on your doors already and they work fine, you can have the keys changed to prevent the old keys working and new ones issued.

When moving in to a new premises it is always a good idea to get  your locks re-keyed. Even if you bought it off a little old lady who never went anywhere, do you know that she didn’t give out a key to anyone else in the family who may be unscrupulous ? For the little it costs to re-key your locks it will provide you with the peace of mind knowing it is only  you and your family that have keys to your house.